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You can also use the site for social networking if you are not looking for dating, but would merely like to meet other people with high IQ’s.

I found that if you have a high IQ, but not high enough to join Mensa, there really wasn't anywhere else to go — until now.

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An interview with founder Trine Jensen reveals what gives this smarty-pants website its legs.

Digital Journal — Do you prefer reading Sartre over Danielle Steel?

Do you think there's a viable future for specialized dating sites as opposed to general ones (i.e. Jensen: I think there is a future for niche dating sites.

They can never get as big as the general ones, but I think that’s an advantage.

But the test will be evaluated and adjusted on a continuing basis.

I agree that this kind of test is not the only way to measure intelligence — it also depends on how you define intelligence.

If you’re very smart and very single, a new specialized dating site could be your saviour.

Intelligent caters to smart singles who want to find a partner who values brains over beauty.

If it is important to you that your future partner posses a specific quality or are interested in a particular hobby, niche dating sites are a good way to “sort out the noise.” Jensen: I have experienced that myself, and I hear from a lot of women that men can be intimidated by a woman who's more intelligent.

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