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I was actually being too specific and not letting the system lay itself out optimally. You'll find that at least half your time doing mobile apps (regardless of Apple, Windows or Android) is getting the PNGs and artwork files correct). There's the Marketplace before my update, showing the 7.1 app: I click Update selected and upload the new Windows Phone 7.1 targeted XAP that I just built.

I removed all my hard-coded margins and changed my Grids to use a Row Definition of "*" which means "the rest of the space" like this: The first Row Definition fills to the size of its content and the second just takes up the rest. I had (chose) to hard code some screen sizes in one place in the app. After that's uploaded I change the dropdown and upload the Windows Phone 8 XAP.

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We solved the problem in the simplest way possible: we served the scripts off a folder with a version number in its path. NET component, it would load scripts from a path like ~/Rad Controls/Rad XXX/Scripts/2.3.4/Some

Whenever you upgrade to a newer version, the 2.3.4 part changes to 3.3.4 or something else, and browsers fetch the new version. Store them in a subfolder with the version string, and make the tag on the host page look for the versioned path.

However, enough stuff has changed that I decided to make a branch in source control rather than make a single build. I am told that only the most edgy of edge cases need to do this and often this is in the creation of pixel-perfect lock screens so you probably won't sweat it at all.

Honestly, there's likely no wrong answer here and you use what you're comfortable with. Finally my app can update the Lock Screen without manual user intervention. In Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (since the Windows 8 magic dust is under Windows Phone 8) everything is all about asynchrony and non-blocking APIs.

No need for a GPS, just tell folks you have a small reward and give them a number to call.

You can download it free now as folks will not pay 99 cents for anything except Angry Birds. ;) Anyway, it works great on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango.) Recently I got a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 and since there's a number of new APIs and features I could exploit - not the least of which being the ability to programmatically set the phone's Lock Screen without the user needing to do anything - I figured it was time to update it.

Goodness, I swear I have spent more time messing with screenshots and PNGs than coding. Because there's three resolutions you'll want to make note that you need three sets of screenshots!

Here's the thing: Mobile app development is all about the Screenshots and Icons. Fortunately there's a screenshot cool built into the Emulator and Windows Phone also supports in-device screenshots (finally) by pressing Power Windows Key.

You should be aware of these different resolutions, make sure to use relative It's less important that there's three resolutions but rather more interesting that 720p is a different aspect ratio! I have this shared resource that I need to protect access to but I don't want to block the UI. I fixed some bugs in the Windows Phone 7 version, changed that XAP's version number and submitted it as a small upgrade.

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