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Since it’s possible that your courtship will be supervised, it’s very important that you work hard to get along well with your date’s family.In Muslim dating, it’s not unusual for people to date with the sole intention of marriage and starting a family.If you’re interested in dating a Muslim, you should learn a little bit about Muslim dating rules before your date.

Dating and courtship vary greatly across time and culture.

In this article, we're going to look at courtship in Islam and explain some of the key parts of the Muslim courtship process. Traditional Muslim dating may be very different from today's modern dating trends.

This "sisterhood" or "brotherhood" that develops when they are young continues throughout their lives, and serves as a network to become familiar with other families.

When a young person decides to get married, the following steps often take place: This type of focused courtship helps ensure the strength of the marriage by drawing upon family elders' wisdom and guidance in this important life decision.

The Islamic faith has specific ideals when it comes to dating and, if you want to understand modern muslim dating, it helps...

Traditional Muslim dating etiquette can be very different than what you're accustomed to.

It should be taken as seriously as any other major decision in life--with prayer, careful investigation and family involvement.

First of all, Muslim youth develop very close friendships with their same-sex peers.

If you want to date a more traditional Muslim, be prepared to take it very slowly.

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