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But when Geoff finds out Ted has used the proceeds in gambling, Ted is manouevred into donating the 400 winnings to an old couple who have been robbed 1.6 No Dogs Allowed - Bubbles is Geoffrey's dog, he has to hide in his chalet, against all regulations.

'Tis to be "a little statement of gracious living." All ruined when Ted & Co gatecrash, and that's after the depths have already been plumbed with the That's Your Bum competition 3.2 Carnival Time - John le Mesurier was an inspired choice to play the Cambridge Dean who travels down to Maplin's looking completely at sea, in his best style, as Peggy greets him with a torrent of words.

His bemused look continues throughout, as he stares on, watching Geoffrey, late of Cambridge University, organising the chaos surrounding a carnival float of the Wild West.

Thus Geoffrey is obliged to perform Partridge's Punch and Judy Show, with willing assistant Sylvia cuddled up to him inside the booth- "give me a kiss Mr Punch;" it's a classic scene 1.4 The Day of Reckoning - It's 6am on a deserted promenade, as Geoff sends Spike on the long walk to Big Mac with a 200 pay-off.

As Geoff's negotiating skills with the underworld are more than a little suspect, Big Mac is coming to Spike with 200 of hush money 1.5 Charity Begins At Home - The Campers' Amenity Fund it's called, another Ted Bovis fiddle.

- which pleases Geoff, "a vulture for culture," though naturally it's all part of yet another Ted Bovis fiddle 2.4 On with the Motley - "low comedian" Ted Bovis is booked for the "toffee-nosed" Clacton Golf Club do in this bitter-sweet study of dashed aspirations: "it's all so glamorous," declares Peggy.

The act is not a success: "hit 'em with a big un, Ted, so I did the one about the tarts and the sailor." Thus Ted ends up "back among the dead beats and has beens" 3.1 Nice People with Nice Manners - Formal invitations to Barry and Yvonne's for a midnight party in their "crummy" chalet.

From the 1990s: The Peter Principle is sadly neglected.

Odd that it is not shown ad infinitum on satellite channels, unlike many a much less enjoyable comedy series.

A grateful camper changes his mind, and the series is born....

1.1 Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto (Feb 26th 1981)- Geoffrey outlines to staff his plans for "broadening the camper's horizons." Blank faces.

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