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No, you don’t have to necessarily have to join a millionaire dating site (although dating a rich man certainly has its advantages! What you can do is reach out to men online and start “qualifying” the highest-caliber bachelors.Once you make a special effort to send BETTER QUALITY guys a message, to target them, and to get their interest, they will start to message you and you will have more productive and interesting conversations. Well that’s why the Internet invented the Block option.The ability to impress by the way you speak (or write), as well as talking about interesting subjects—and something you might have in common with a man.

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Vivid language uses strong visuals, summons evocative feelings, and includes more adjectives and adverbs describing something or someone. After a great profile give them a call to action at the end.

Such as, “if you like rock and roll and talking about crazy things at 3 am, send me a smiley face!

if you’ve ever tried and failed to meet “The One” using online dating, you need to drop whatever you’re doing and go watch this special presentation by Michael Fiore right now.

Not getting the results you hoped for from your dating sites?

Another problem I see in the dating world—a woman might have a pretty good profile in the beginning, but she never actually makes an attempt to COMMUNICATE with her new chat friend.

There’s no ice breaker, no “ask me about…”, or even a list of interesting hobbies or interests.For example, of instead of just telling people you like to dance, tell them about your ideal vacation that involves salsa dancing in Spain.Or if you like singing, describe to them an experience where you karaoked in public and the crowd erupted in applause. You can also enhance the text with vivid language rather than matter of fact reporting.“Jewelry-Maker Seeks Gemstone Man for Sparkling Romance!” Another approach to take is writing a more incentive-based headline.Instead, figure out a way to discuss yourself with a STORY.

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