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Rancidity is the chemical decomposition of fats, oils and otherlipids. Hydrolyticrancidity occurs when water splits fatty acid chains away from theglycerol backbone in glycerides.

is an Australian-born singer-songwriter and guitarist. Dalle began playing music in her adolescence, and moved to Los Angeles, California at age eighteen, where she founded the punk rock band The Distillers.

The group released three albums before disbanding in 2006.

She has also made vocal appearances on Queens of the Stone Age's "You Got a Killer Scene There, Man" on their 2005 album Lullabies to Paralyze and also an appearance on Leftöver Crack's song "Muppet N. The album was produced by Alain Johannes, and features guest appearances from Shirley Manson of Garbage, Nick Valensi of the Strokes, and Warpaint's Emily Kokal.

Dalle supported Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age on their Australia/New Zealand tour in March 2014 to promote the album.

Timothy Lockwood Armstrong, popularly known as Tim Armstrong is an American songwriter, musician as well as producer who was born on November 25, 1965. He is well known as a singer and guitarist for the punk rock band called Rancid and also, a hip-hop or punk rock group called The Transplants.

His height is 5 feet and 11 inches with ethnicity, American.In 2004, Dalle was reunited with her half sister Morgana Robinson when the two met backstage after a Distillers show.They share a father, who was living "in Leeds or some shit". They live in Palm Springs, California and have three children: a daughter, Camille Harley Joan Homme (born 17 January 2006), and two sons, Orrin Ryder Homme (born 12 August 2011) and Wolf Dillon Reece Homme (born 13 February 2016).In February 2014, Dalle released the first single from her debut solo album, Diploid Love, called "Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy" featuring backing vocals by Shirley Manson of Garbage and Emily Kokal of Warpaint (band).The second single from the album, "Don't Mess With Me," was used the soundtrack of the Square Enix game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Upon falling pregnant to her second child in 2015, Dalle entered a musical hiatus.In 1995 at 16, her first band, Sourpuss, played a set at Australia's Summersault Festival where she met Tim Armstrong, frontman of punk rock band Rancid.

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