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Since September 27, 2014, UP started airing reruns of The Parkers weeknights starting at pm.Since December 28, 2014, TV One airs reruns of the show.

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Season 4, Episode 19March 24, 2003With finals looming, Nikki is goaded into club-hopping by her rowdy old friend Flo (Kim Coles); Kim, T and Stevie cram for Oglevee's exam.

Season 4, Episode 20April 14, 2003Kim tries to be a friend to her tart classmate Regina (Kara Brock) so Nikki can stir up catering business at a book club, while Oglevee enlists T's help for a chili-cooking contest.

Season 4, Episode 21April 21, 2003Kim and her rival Freddy (Kel Mitchell) vie for a job with a prestigious fashion designer; Nikki thinks Oglevee is dating another woman.

Season 4, Episode 22April 28, 2003Singer Nivea appears and performs “Don't Mess With My Man” in an episode in which a little boy tries to convince Nikki to date his father (Steven Imes Jr).

Reruns are currently distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The Parkers aired in syndication on BET J before that channel's September 2009 conversion to Centric.

Oglevee (Dorien Wilson) awakens mortified following a one-night stand with Nikki (Mo' Nique); Kim pursues a relationship with Alan (Jamal Mixon).

Season 4, Episode 2September 30, 2002An old flame (Paulette Braxton) sparks temptation in Oglevee (Dorien Wilson) on the eve of his wedding to Nikki; Allen and Kim squabble at the spa.

Season 4, Episode 9November 18, 2002T's jealousy cramps Stevie's style when they take a disaster-prone car trip with her ex-boyfriend Hakeem and Kim to Las Vegas; Nikki, Andell and their friends drag Prof.

Season 4, Episode 10November 25, 2002Nikki and Andell infiltrate the L. Lakers locker room to get an autographed jersey from Shaquille O' Neal (as himself) after the one belonging to Prof. Season 4, Episode 12January 6, 2003Nikki's dad (George Wallace) is caught in a compromising position with Andell's mom (Laura Hayes); Allen returns to Kim a changed man.

Scott) who's dating Andell; three ex-cons pledge Kim and Stevie's sorority.

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