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Or should he close the doors and refuse entry into his universe for Brock, Hardy, and Silver Sable?

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During a robbery of the television show, Peter has the chance to stop the thief but chose not to.

Peter later finds out that the same robber that he could have stopped at the television studio attempted to rob his aunt and uncle's residence, and his Uncle Ben was killed in the struggle.

Recently, however, he has gotten rid of the suit and returned to the classic costume.

The publishers didn't want to do a character named Spider-Man at first, they thought it was too scary.

Green Goblin Venom Sandman Hobgoblin Vulture Doctor Octopus Lizard Kraven Chameleon Mysterio Rhino Carnage Peter Parker was an orphaned teenage boy who lived in Queens, New York with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

He was a shy boy, but highly intelligent and excelled in science.

Another interesting character That Hashtag Show brought up was Jessica Drew a.k.a. Drew has long been a staple of the contemporary imagining of the Avengers and is a part of the usual fan wishlist for Spidey characters down the line.

A major character in the Spider-Man AND Avenger mythos in her own right, she’s a character up for consideration when talking about “femme fatales” in the Spider-verse. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the plot elements this reveals for the next Spider-Man film.

The MCU version of Spidey still hasn’t done any of the stereotypical web-slinging amongst Manhattan’s sky-scrapers.

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