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In case of this modification of contract, the effects have to be appropriately considered, especially with reference to the extra and minor costs and the date of delivery.3.

Content of the contract The content of the contract is determined solely by our order. Changes without our written approval are not permitted.

If we do not return the merchandise in case of early delivery, it will be stored until the date of delivery in our premises at your cost and risk.

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The kind of the delivered pricing does not touch the agreement on the place of fulfilment.

Each delivery has to be notified to us by an advice specifying exactly type, quantity and weight.

We are relieved to purchase the ordered consignment / services in whole or in parts and have the right to withdraw from the contract if, considering economic aspects, the delivery / services cannot be utilised due to the delay caused by force majeure respectively strike.

If the merchandise is delivered earlier than agreed, we reserve the right to return it at your cost.

If you recognise that an agreed date cannot be kept by any reasons, you have to notify us and give the reasons and the previous duration of the delay in writing.

You are obliged to reimburse the costs of all direct and indirect interference which are caused by this delay.

We are entitled even after the start of the contract, to demand changes to the ordered item, if the deviation is reasonable considering the interests of the supplier.

The supplier may only carry out the orders by themselves.

The merchandise has to be packed in such a manner that transport damage will be avoided.

Due to the fact we will be working in future with an automatic high shelf system, the instructions listed below must be followed: I.

The costs for package and transport to our delivery address respectively point of use and the customs formalities and clearance charges are included in this price.

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