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Born and raised in California, she is the daughter of Pat Musick and Jeff Whitman.

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Mae Whitman born on June 9, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, U. Her role as blind girl Amy in the TV series Arrested Development was huge success followed by the TV series Parenthood as Amber Holt.

She then starred as Roxy Richer in the TV series Scott Pilgrim vs. Her career is not only limited to acting, she has been able to give her voice for numerous movies like Avatar, The Last Airbender, American Dragon and Tinker Bell.

Mae is essaying the role of Bianca, a high school student, whose life is shattered when it is brought to her attention that she is the DUFF i.e.

Designated Ugly Fat Friend, of her group and then the story progresses to show her struggle for self discovery in the cruel hierarchy of High School.

Not only a fan, has she dreamed of being the subject of Swift’s Love song.

She has also been seen in a video clip where she has done an impressive ballet and ending with a full split while singing Swift’s ‘Blank Space’.

Mae Whitman plays the title role in the “The DUFF,” out Friday.

When her character is informed by her jock neighbor that she’s the DUFF to her two swan-like best friends, she goes into a tailspin.

“I was bullied in school starting early on,” she says.

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