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In his preface to this list, Britt explains that he has included "not only the most frequent, prominent 'core' Lumbee surnames but all such names, however infrequent identified in the Settlement from the 1740s to the present" (p. He also lists the sources from which he derived the names: "land and tax records, cemetery records, death certificates, census reports, wills, deeds, petitions for acknowledgment, military and church records, and newspaper notices" (p. Britt offers important advice to researchers in his preface.

To summarize: (1) many names in Robeson County can be Lumbee, White, African American, or all three; thus, a surname alone does not guarantee Lumbee ancestry.

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Moments later, Rashidah enters the studio and relays that Cisco is next door.

Erica grabs Cisco, and as all four sit down for a chat, Rashidah tells them all about the new intel she’s got on Rich.

But it’s a somber, stripped-down ode to Baby, and even more intimate given the only instruments are Adams’ guitar and their two voices as opposed to the in-your-face ’80s over-production.

Swayze, longing for Jennifer Grey’s Frances up in the Catskills, busted out the cheesy ’80s ballad featuring Wendy Fraser for the classic 1987 film. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, reminding us the power Swayze once possessed.

Kumpulan itu, yang diketuai seorang lelaki yang memperkenalkan dirinya hanya sebagai Datuk T, berkata mereka akan menyerahkan pita video itu kepada pemimpin pembangkang tersebut dan isterinya dalam masa seminggu ini.

Mengenai gesaan kumpulan terbabit yang meminta beliau dan isteri Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yang juga presiden PKR supaya melepaskan jawatan, Anwar berkata:”saya tidak kenal siapa Datuk T itu.“Pada waktu itu saya tengah tweet dan semua bukti ini akan saya simpan kerana takut kena ‘hack’.

But does Cisco Rosada, aka Diamond’s ex who warned Rich against dating her, have a clue?

In this web exclusive clip, Erica Mena is rocking out in the studio when friend and singer Lumidee joins her. Cisco asks Rashidah for clarification, and when she relates the conversation, Cisco has a pretty shocking revelation. Check the video above to see bother Cisco and Erica react to Rich’s guy code violation and tell is if Rich was wrong to mess with Diamond in the comments below.

During an Irish stop on their tour together, Ryan Adams and Natalie Prass busted out a cover of a Dirty Dancing cut once performed by Patrick Swayze.

The pair performed a somewhat ironic version of “She’s Like the Wind” this week in Cork, playing through occasional laughing from the crowd.

Season 5 star Rich Dollaz totally broke the guy code when he “knocked off” Diamond Strawberry on Episode 12: “Mind Your Manners”.

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