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If you’re observant enough, you would have noticed that JJ usually sports his signature fringe in most/ all of his pictures posted online.Like some girls without their long luscious locks, JJ feels unconfident without his fringe.

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The singer was still recognised despite wearing no makeup.

The pair bought and shared a packet of popcorn, before entering the movie theatre. There seem to be lots of Taaiwanese gay celebs around. I read recently that the singer Zhou Chuan xiong, yes I have the same first name unfortunatelt, is married.

Luckily, she drawed the best prize---business class round trip to Paris.

his is not the first time people are questioning S. According to a Hong Kong tabloid, Hebe was spotted shopping with female friend Ruo Han, who was dressed like a man. It just means you're comfortable enough around that person to act that way without them feeling weird or misunderstanding. What right do you have to declare someone with absolute certainty that they are homosexual without even knowing them personally? assuming she's really a lesbian, how are you expecting her to change? anyway, back to the hanging out with female friends and doing all those listed above, I must be a lesbian too Bluetauge7, why are you raving at me.?????

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If repost, please with TVB or others, and is used only for personal interest to provide translated e-news. The singer was previously seen behaving intimately with a female friend. and if she really is a lesbian does that really affects her singing career? maybe it's like dirty to think it that way but many gays and lesbians are kind-hearted. (IM NOT LOOKING FOR WAR HERE JUST CLEARLY STATING MY OPINION) Oh please, behaving intimately with a person of the same gender doesn't mean you're homosexual! if that's the case, i'm so judging you right you're going to respect someone, you respect them for who they are, and not because they are 'different'. Ruo Han was wearing a checkered shirt and cap, while Hebe was clothed fully in black. I act inappropriate around my friends all the time, but I'm not about to become lesbian. With her packed schedule, Hebe shared that she will not be able to attend Ella’s engagement banquet in Pingtung on Apr 15.However, she will be attending the engagement ceremony which will be held on Apr 22.Instead of using her hands, Hebe directly used her mouth to pick up the popcorn. (besides AC/DC of course) I just realized Hebe and i have the same haircut - but i have bangs - ish Love Ella, Selina, and Hebe A lot of those celebrities are gay but they try to hide it well. he himself confirmed it while at the press conference for the release of his new album. Just a publicity thing to keep his image squeaky clean and fend off the gay rumors. though she might look lesbian who are you to judge her so easily?!

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