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The flagman knows the schedule of the trains and communicates with operations, but none of that occurred.” We had no idea they were going to be out there,” he adds. Plitt and used the brakes and sounded the horns, but he was still struck.

Brian Peeler, one of Plitt’s co-stars on , told The Insider that Plitt was filming a protein commercial and that a friend, Mark, was on scene at the time of the filming. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Greg's family and friends at this extremely difficult time," a Bravo spokesperson said via email.

"He lived for everybody else right up until the last minute. I would say rest in peace but anybody who knows Greg knows he didn't rest so I’ll just say I hope they have skydiving in heaven because that was his favorite thing to do.".

Friends of Plitt have started speaking to the press about the accident and remembering his life.

Longtime friend, Warren Coulter, told the Associated Press that "it was just a freaky moment where something got out of control." He said the entire incident was a mistake and that Plitt misjudged the situation and tripped on the tracks.

What makes his diet truly unique, however, is that he typically consumes only one whole-food meal a day, and it’s a big one, comprising around 3,500 calories.

When asked about his diet, Greg Plitt responded “I try to stay away from all processed foods and stick with a variety of meat, chicken, tuna and seafood as the bulk of my protein and then all vegetables cooked in a variety of ways — broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, peas, asparagus and salads.

I train abs at the end of every workout, usually in a giant set for 10 or 15 minutes non-stop with 30 to 50 reps.”Greg Plitt’s Training Routine: Day 1: Chest Day 2: Back Day 3: Shoulders Day 4: Biceps (four exercises), triceps (two or three exercises) Day 5: Legs Day 6: Cycle starts again Shake consisting of whey protein (0.3g per pound of body weight), dextrose (0.4g per pound of body weight), creatine, L-glutamine, and HMBMeat, fish, or poultry, and vegetables–a large meal totaling around 3,500 calories.

For example: Grilled salmon and asparagus; baked halibut on a bed of baby spinach and green beans; and grilled chicken or steamed shrimp, and broccoli with carrots and cucumbers Shake consisting of Met-Rx Amped ECN NOS, L-glutamine, creatine, HMB, whey protein, and 1 tsp raw honey Greg Plitt on his evening workout: “I’ll either add a second workout for the same bodypart that I trained in the morning or I’ll do cardio.

The rest of Plitt’s calories come in liquid form before and after working out.

What he eats can change day to day, the one constant being that his food intake is dictated primarily by his work schedule.

Plitt did not have permission to film on the railroad tracks where he was struck and killed by a Metrolink commuter train last Saturday, officials said.

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