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I think there's a concept behind Cabin in the Woods, and I think that's sort of what's really exciting about it. Obviously, the title, you're thinking, "Wait, I'm sure I've seen that movie before," but that's sort of the point. Kranz: The character's name is Marty, and he likes to have fun. He likes to have fun in the outdoors and plants, different kinds of herbs.

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I've never done a horror film, or anything like this, for that matter, and it's really, really exciting. Isn't it weird for a horror movie to keep the monsters a secret? Kranz: Well, you know Drew Goddard is directing it, co-wrote it with Joss. There's going to be moments where you've seen this before, but we're either satirizing it, undermining it or giving a new take on it. So, yeah, there's definitely some bad guys, but it's not all about the bad guys. Kranz: It's always tough to go from one to the next.

It's sort of giving you the convention and then turning it on its head. I think I say that, or "Maybe we shouldn't be here." Stuff like that. How does Marty compare to Topher, your character on Dollhouse?

, the story of an emotional but self-centered drifter.

Kranz has the lead role of Gilby, an aimless guy who’s fired from a dead-end job, dumped by his girlfriend and forced to move in with his mother when his apartment building burns down.

How frustrating were the last couple of years, especially knowing that "Cabin" is so good? I never really lost faith, but then that made me kinda look like the crazy person.

Even my parents, you could see it in their eyes, they felt sorry for me that I was still holding onto this movie that I shot a year or two ago. I was never too freaked out about spoilers in the sense that if someone tells someone , then the movie is ruined. So, in a sense, you do want to be aware of some kind of pulse. You go on Rotten Tomatoes and they specify Top Critics, but then it's just a bunch of other people. That guy has done so much work and he's just a very laid-back guy in general. I think we have many layers and different kinds of twists and it's kind of this weird knot. Kranz started acting in third and fourth grade and knew from a very young age that he wanted to be an actor Kranz grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended Harvard-Westlake High School.Kranz graduated in 2004 from Yale University, where he was a member of the improv comedy group The Ex! Fran Kranz was born on July 13, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

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