Who is cris angel dating

Shaunyl Benson is a stunning woman, a caring mother and apparently the new wife of illusionist and magician Criss Angel. Shaunyl Benson’s hubby was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, but he is better known by the stage name Criss Angel, is an American magician and illusionist.

These sneaky newlyweds kept their wedding secret for over eight months. Angel began his career in New York City, before moving his base of operations to the Las Vegas Valley.

Shaunyl Benson a beautiful brunette from Queensland, Australia to Australian father and Phillipina mom who is a graphic designer. Jill Rhodes Hannity Jill Rhodes Hannity is the wife of Conservative pundit Sean Hannity.

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He is attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them.

Criss Angel craves very intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even prefer stormy, tumultuous relationships to ones that are smooth but lacking vitality and passion.

He also holds multiple world-records made during his magic performances, and was named Magician of the Decade in 2009 and Magician of the Century in 2010 by the International Magicians Society.

In addition to his career as an illusionist, Angel was the lead singer for his eponymous industrial band Angeldust, which released five albums between 19.

Gentle, kindhearted, and peace loving, Criss Angel is prepared to sacrifice a great deal in order to avoid a fight and to "make everyone happy".

In love relationships, Criss Angel desires a deep, intense and passionate union with his beloved and forms very strong emotional bonds and attachments.

Criss loves wholeheartedly and expects all-consuming, total devotion and attention from his partner.

Casual, light relationships hold no appeal for Angel.

Angel tends to surround himself with people who are unusual, creative, open-minded, unpredictable, restless, and changeable, and his relationships, with women in particular, may be somewhat unstable as a result.

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