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“No one knows better than me what it’s like to have a second life within a career,” says Jenny Lewis, a friend, Rilo Kiley frontwoman, and former child actor whose film and television work during the late ’80s and early ’90s has followed her for years. I want to hear what he’s going to be writing when he’s an old man.”Under the lights again at CBS, now seated alone, Oberst clears his throat. Soon after, he learned some chords and covers with the help of his father and “pretty immediately,” Oberst was gravitating towards writing his own material. “There was definitely a novelty effect to being that young and performing,” says Oberst, who was the band’s gangly, bespectacled frontman.

And as he might have been in 2001, he’s also wearing a tight, black Cursive T-shirt, a show of undying support for that band of older brothers, bandmates, and mentors from his native Omaha.

But at 34, his brown eyes are also offset by a face that has finally taken on the lines and valleys and visible hardness of a man’s: He looks as though he knows worry well, as though he’s seen a number of recent sunrises.“Do you guys want to move on to the interview portion?

The Nebraska-bred singer-songwriter has struggled of late to equal the emotional impact audiences felt from a defining run of songs that vaulted him from cultish obscurity in Omaha to unenviable Dylan comparisons to protest performances alongside Springsteen to a symbolic appearance in Jonathan Franzen’s 2010 epic novel, .

For a generation of listeners who grew up without the Smiths, Oberst became a formative voice while at a formative period in his own life. Few artists grow up so publicly — their every transition, creative or otherwise, archived and shared online — without self-detonating, drifting towards irrelevance, finding themselves forever trapped in amber. “My public life and my career and all the music that I’ve made: You can find it all,” he says. I’m not a Mickey Mouse Club star that got to rebrand myself.

At 34, Oberst is an at times unsettling vision of himself at 20, the unlikely, porcelain-skinned pin-up that launched a thousand Live Journals.

He is still delicate in build, still armed with an inky mess of fantastically disheveled, famously sculpted hair.Someone’s still buying those records and I assume they’re not 40 year-olds.It’s like that first Violent Femmes record, , arrived in 2002, Oberst’s early vision had begun to gain notice from the mainstream media, with rock journalists flinging around weighted terms that still follow him today at 34: “boy genius,” “wunderkind,” “the finest songwriter of his generation,” “The New Dylan.” And as Oberst went, so too did Saddle Creek.I absolutely don’t recommend that you do.”Written and recorded in the three years that have passed since he quietly married Mexican musician and engineer Corina Escamilla Figueroa, finds Oberst trading bombast for nuance, and white-knuckle verbosity for relatively calm, plain-spoken tones. It was called Oberst was just seven years old the first time he took a stage.It is not a major reinvention, but a work of immense beauty that both transcends pre-existing narratives and suggests that, even as an adult, Oberst can still connect. “Well, my first record was actually a cassette,” he says. His father played in a series of classic-rock cover bands on weekends and when the younger Oberst became especially fond of Ritchie Valens’ “Donna” by way of the 1987 film , he was brought out to deliver lead vocals with the band behind him. While still a sophomore in high school, he enthusiastically gathered his friends — then in college — to form Commander Venus, a post-hardcore outfit that would, for the first time, find them touring outside of Nebraska and landing on the same label as Creed.For better or worse, my stuff is all out in the open.

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