Who is amber rose dating now 2016

The outspoken feminist shared some cute snaps of herself with the dancer at her own birthday party, and later posted photos of the two hanging out with friends on Halloween.

Still, the two have stayed quiet about whether their relationship is a romantic one — and really, it's none of anyone's business in the first place.

This photo, which Rose posted on Twitter, really could go either way.

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It's worth noting, however, that the two stars hadn't been on good terms for a long time before their fight with West began, according to TMZ.

Last year, for example, Khalifa infuriated Rose when he referred to her as nothing but a "stripper" in his collaboration with rapper Juicy J, "For Everything." She later tearfully forgave him during a speech at a Slut Walk event in Los Angeles.

Rose sparked romance rumors with her former husband last week when she posted an intimate Snapchat video in which she kisses the "See You Again" rapper at a nightclub.

But TMZ reports the video was a sign that they had put aside their differences for the sake of their son — and that they have no plans of rekindling their relationship.

"I live my life and I try to live it, you know, the way I want to live it." A day earlier, the pro dancer took to Instagram to wish the talk show host a happy birthday, sharing a photo of Rose leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

Amber Rose shared a topless, NSFW photo to announce her 2016 Slut Walk on Thursday.

we found out she's dating French Montana's brother Zack. That's why we got a pic of Amber, French and Zack at Knott's Berry Farm about a week ago.

There are reports that Amber and French are together, but in reality ... Amber keeps her distance when they're in public, but we know she's seeing Zack.

Holding hands and cozying up at a posh new restaurant?

Sure, it might sound like the makings of a celebrity power couple, but we could also be witnessing two pals hanging out.

The 32-year-old model posted a picture of herself baring her right breast on Twitter, writing, "#freethenipple #MUVA photo by @solmazsaberi #Amber Rose Slut Walk2016." Rose led her first Slut Walk in October to promote her foundation's mission of "uplifting, empowering and enhancing the platform of women across the globe." Other organizations have also put on Slut Walks to call for an end to slut-shaming.

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