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It’s not too big a stretch to suggest that being excessively happy could kill you. An excess of freewheeling giddiness and a relative absence of more sober emotions can even be a marker for mania, a dangerous symptom of psychological illness.

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In another study, participants were asked to listen to Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring,” a piece of music so discordant and jarring that it caused a riot at its 1913 debut.

Some participants were told to “try to make yourself feel as happy as possible” while they listened to the music.

In one study, participants were given a fake newspaper article that praised the advantages of happiness, while a control group read an article that made no mention of happiness.

Both groups then watched randomly assigned film clips that were either happy or sad.

So the happy person goes ahead and signs on the dotted line.

The paradox of happiness is that deliberately striving for it is fundamentally incompatible with the nature of happiness itself.

) Isn’t it interesting that the most famous fictional detectives are notably grumpy?

And that the most carefree kid in high school is rarely valedictorian?

In fact, I strongly submit that describing them as “negative” only perpetuates the myth that these useful feelings are, you know, negative.

RELATED: How You Answer This Question May Say A Lot About Your Happiness When we’re overly cheerful, we tend to neglect important threats and dangers.

The happy more often place disproportionate emphasis on early information and disregard or minimize later details.

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