Where did speed dating originate

Everything in life is better with Mike, I just love him." -Susanna "Maybe I was low-balling my expectations, but I had more fun than I thought I would! Fun, low pressure environment to meet a lot of different people." -Brittany "I am now married - I met my husband at my first ever speed dating event! " -Carolyn "It was the best singles/dating event I have been to in the last year." -Becky (I Write an Online Single's Column) "Two thumbs up and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 10. " -Gabriella "I met my boyfriend 5 months ago at your speed dating event. But I did it, met a great guy, and we're still dating five months later.I could've marked yes for all of the attendees - it was hard to say no to any of the guys. It was my first event and he was the very first one I met too! I've been recommending Date Switch to all of my single friends.To help avoid this problem, we developed a method called .

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As user experience (UX) design continues to grow and expand, designers often work in areas with few design patterns or social mores.

It is easy to make things that people do not want or will not adopt.

It was the most fun way to meet and get to know many very nice men. " -Karen "I found the love of my life at this event (last year Dec 7th) and have never been happier." -Gil "My first event - and it was amazingly fun! Last November I met my boyfriend at a Date Switch speed dating event. We been dating for about two months, but I love him so much already. " -Danielle "Cool thing - better then dating sites." -Dean "THE BEST GROUP - SINGLES THAT WANT TO MEET 1 PERSON FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, THIS IS THE BEST METHOD!!! It's a safe way to meet people and all of the guys I met were people I would hang out with." -Tina "I'm in a committed relationship now - I met the woman I'm dating at the first Date Switch event I went to, so I am all for it!

" -Dwayne "Just wanted to let you know I had a blast. I will definitely recommend it to friends and anyone else who is undecided about attending.

" -Susan "The night I did speed dating I met someone very incredible. I had so much fun at tonight’s event that I look forward to future events.

To make a long story short we got engaged this weekend. " -Tommy "I loved it..the way to go for me." -Carol "This was my first speed dating experience and I was pleasantly surprised." -Michael "Great way to meet men." -Anita "Definitely a cool event to attend if you're single." -Gabrielle "I would definitely recommend this for the busy professional who does not have a lot of time to search all the online dating websites looking to essentially do what you have managed to do for us all in one night. I'm still dating one of the guys." -Stepanie "I attended this event Friday evening and had a great time! It was low pressure and a pleasant experience." -Bridgette "It was definitely a new and different experience in dating. Everyone was friendly and I would go to future events." -Scott "It was a lot of fun, I'd definitely do it again. I met many interesting and charming men." -Kerry "I was pleasantly surprised at how many nice people showed up." -John "FUN! I would recommend highly without hesitation." -Mac "My first time speed dating and I had a wonderful time! I like the low pressure atmosphere." -Monica "I had a really nice time at the event. This is a nice group and it encourages singles to get together and interact with no pressure." -Nichol "I totally enjoyed this event! " -Rick "The hostess who ran the event tonight did a great job and she was very upbeat.The people I met where great and the whole process of picking the people you liked on the website after the fact was fun and removed any pressure or awkwardness. That being said, this event surpassed my expectations." -Mike "I'm either dreaming or this is one of the best days of my life!Mike, who I met at your event, asked me to marry him on his birthday and I said, Yes!I wasn't expecting to meet so many new people in one night and under a very friendly and comfortable environment. I was able to meet many people without the pressure of a "first date." My sincere thanks and appreciation to you for all you do to make it possible for us singles to meet and connect. This was my first speed dating event and it was awesome! This was so much nicer than trying to think of an icebreaker at a bar and the atmosphere was relaxed and got to visit with a lot of interesting people.

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