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Unlike earlier computers that date before 1996, new computers have a Flash BIOS that enables users to update the BIOS chip or flash the BIOS on the motherboard using a software program.BIOS updates have the capability of correcting problems that may be occurring with your computer hardware that cannot be fixed with drivers or an operating system update.We only recommend updating the BIOS if you are having problems.

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The file should have an Note There is a convenient Free DOS boot on the System Rescue CD that works well for this and will save much effort, allowing you to skip this section.

See the note at the end of the "Using System Rescue CD to boot Free DOS" section for details.

Make sure you're updating the BIOS only if it addresses your problem.

Unlike a software update you'd perform on a software program or computer game, BIOS updates are much more difficult and if done improperly can cause your computer to no longer work.

Most hardware can be installed in a computer without requiring a BIOS update.

However, if after installing new hardware, your computer is not working correctly, first make sure the new hardware is compatible with your computer.

Many BIOSes have an option to read the new binary image from an external memory stick or floppy disk. If the BIOS does not support this, continue with the next section.

Often the manufacturer offers a CD-ROM image to download as a boot medium.

After creating the bootable System Rescue CD stick as described above temporarily loop mount it to a directory, say /mnt/temp.

So if your stick is /dev/sdb the command would be: to the BOOTDISK directory there, it won't cause a problem with the Sys Rescue CD filesystem.

Hardware manufactures often provide updates for BIOS and other types of firmware.

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