When did nelly ashanti start dating

We ain’t Miss Cleo, but we see Twitter rants and subliminal Instagram posts in a few folks future!

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FYI -- Nelly and Floyd have been spotted hanging out together at various nightclubs over the past few years ... In fact, one of our producers once spotted the two of them hanging out together at one of Floyd's post-fight parties in Vegas.

But Nelly says they were far from friends -- saying, "Me and Floyd being such good friends is a total shock to me considering we have never exchanged numbers, never been invited to a fight, never been to his house, never ate lunch, we never have hung out anywhere other than seeing each other in a club! Good luck to him tho keep making history champ."Sounds like a LOT of bitterness is going around.

After their split, Ashanti opened up about the shocking breakup during an appearance on The Meredith Viera Show in 2015.

Ask by host Meredith Viera why she was struggling to trust after her relationship with Nelly, Ashanti said: ‘I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.

Wish she would have opted for a fun-loving for this occasion, but she's a newbie.

The star-studded event was emceed by Nate Berkus with special performances by LP & Skylar Grey.Ashanti and Nelly met in 2003 during a press tour for the Grammy Awards.They began dating shortly after, staying a couple for close to 10 years.Last night the two appeared together at Miami Heat vs.Charlotte Bobcats game, the team which Nelly owns a minority share.She announced another album to come in 2015, but the release date never came.

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