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Are there times when he doesn't brush his teeth? "Yeah, some­times I'll just go to bed."What about in the morning? Then he says, "I had a bad incident in high school where I got ambushed by this mean guy named JD who cornered me and my friend Paul and sprayed us with, like, three bottles of Axe. Girls were like, ' Ew, go easy on that stuff.' The next day, I had a stick of blue deodorant and ran it all up and down the jersey that JD had on. "I don't think I have."Like Scott Pilgrim, has he ever done anything heroic to secure the affections of a girl? You're not even al­lowed to move for an hour at a time or even open your eyes.He turned around and laughed, cause he could be nice to me. "I think I've done something heroic," he says finally. And I didn't play again until I faced the fear."Last fall, he attended a 10-day retreat where talking isn't allowed and you med­itate 10 hours a day. You become very aware of what's in your mind, and instead of getting caught up in it, you let it pass."I drove here from Toronto and haven't unpacked yet."When did that trip take place, exactly? "Uh, like, uh, nine or 10 months ago."The most important thing to know about Cera is that out of all the classic Hollywood movie-star options open to a guy like him last night, he chose none.

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He's never wanted to go to those parties or anything.

He's a pretty smart kid.""I'm not a big drinker," says Cera, "and I don't know what people do when they go to bars. But I'm just not comfortable in that scene, which is fine."Today, he has parked his crummy Toyo­ta out back at one of his favorite L. lunch joints and tucked himself into an outside table, where he takes his coffee with a lit­tle sugar, orders lentil soup and spinach salad, and asks that he not be judged for his recent trouncing on the tennis court: "I can do a lot better than that." He admits that sometimes he will have a glass of wine with lunch but that "I always feel weird about it." Exceedingly amiable and amusing, he starts talking about how his life changed after It was 2007, he was 19, and all of a sudden, he was a star.

"But the one I dated when I was 11, we dated for, like, two months. It's funny, though, the way conversations go with him. I mean, if I was there now, I'd do it."How does he know he would do it now?

You can start off heading in one wholeheartedly friv­olous direction and suddenly find yourself someplace entirely darker. It's one of my biggest re­grets, actually, that I didn't jump in and take a beating. It's something I should have done, because Paul was all alone. "Because right after it happened, I wished I had done it, and now if it hap­pened, I would have that experience be­hind me and not be afraid."Has he ever been punched?

On the contrary, he's always been a highly successful lothario, start­ing from an early age.

"I had my first girl­friend when I was 10, but it was nothing," he says. We were a known couple." (He waited until he was 17 to lose his virgini­ty.) And pretty much that's how it's gone, free and easy.I wasn’t allowed to go places alone and do things on my own.Mercury wrote numerous hits for Queen, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", and "We Are the Champions".His mom ran a day care, his father was a Xerox-machine repair technician.He had a good family, good friends, and nothing bad ever happened.Just look at him, everything about him - he's the biggest nerdo square doofus of all time, every mother's dream but by no mea­sure of any kind a Hollywood movie star. He bought it around the time he left the suburbs of Toronto and was playing George Michael on the loony, lovely, too-short-lived TV show .

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