What is wrong with my online dating profile

Don’t simply say, “I’ve been practicing cosmetic dentistry for the last 10 years.

I fix teeth through a variety of methods.” Instead try, “My job is to fix kid’s chipped teeth so they don’t get picked on at school.

Also, being hostile towards the opposite sex is the surest way to have women run away.

A woman wants to get to know you first, not worry that you’re going to pressure her into being your girlfriend 30 minutes into a first date.

Talk about stuff you haven’t attempted or are at least working towards. Saying, “I might consider…” or “I hope to try X in the future.” sounds like you won’t do these things or are just bullshitting.

Most guys do this through self-deprecation or trying to convince others why their limitations shouldn’t matter. This commonly shows up as “If you hang out with me just once, you’ll see how great I am.” Or “I promise you’ll have a good time if you give it a shot.” If you’re so great and fun, you need to express that through your profile content so she can realize it for herself. Never say stuff like, “Message me if you like what you see.” or “Ask me more and you’ll find out.” Position yourself as anything other than a potential romantic prospect.

The vast majority of women in online dating are looking for intimate partners, not friends.

Say anything like, “Please don’t waste my time.” or “Don’t message me if you’re crazy — I’ve dealt with that enough already.” I understand you’re trying to attract serious, healthy women.

But all this is does is again make you sound bitter and have people question why you had all those negative experiences.

Include your successful career or high income (if it’s part of the questionnaire). Let me know about your annual weekend getaway to ski in the Rocky Mountains. Getting my daily news from various sources helps me understand other people’s viewpoints. I bungee jumped off the Macau tower and I’ll never forget it. Speak proudly about your family, if they’re important to you.

I know you’re nervous it will attract “gold diggers”, but many quality women desire a driven, successful partner. Paint a picture of your lifestyle so she can envision how awesome life would be with you. I may or may not have passed out from laughing so hard one too many times.” Mix up your sentence structure. That could include your parents, siblings, pets, or children.

Why is it that I can click onto any profile and find a handful of mistakes? Many women instantly close out of a poorly written profile. Trim out all filler words and redundant statements. Remove all irrelevant details which don’t show value or evoke emotion.

Break up your paragraphs to make them more readable. I just saw this on a profile, “It really depends who is available that Friday night but usually I will be drinking Whiskey at someone’s house or my house with whoever is there.” Do she care who’s available?

Either remove the parts that are unfinished or keep revising until you have a better profile. Once or twice to show passion or enthusiasm for something is great. Use emoticons or exclamation points in excess, either. You will unnecessarily filter yourself out from a lot of women who would be interested in you if given the chance. But I’ve never seen those first dates turn into anything more.

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