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Plastic resins are, in turn, used to produce many different types of plastic.

The majority of what we know as plastic today is made from materials that are extracted from crude oil.

This depends on the plastic for an exact answer but in general terms, plastic is a polymer. PVC (polyvinylchloride) is generally seen as a hard plastic.

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These are then placed alongside each other to form a coherent strand.

This strand can be made into almost any shape with the use of heat and pressure. There are many plastics and they are made from polymers.

Just a few examples include, Low Density Polyethylene; High Density Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride etc.

Plastic is made of monomers Organic plastics are polymers, composed of monomers (repeating units).

Often the same type of crude oil that is used to produce the fuels for cars.

and other related services (collectively, the "Services") of Answers Corporation ("Answers") are intended to provide useful information for its users. Off the top of my head it substantiates that if you have 5 transitional fossils showing the slow change of an organism over a few million years that they did come in the order that they appear to, that one did spawn the other. I think the best evidence of macroevolution is in genetic similarities between all life on earth, common descent. That you and a chimp are 99% genetically identical, you and a mammal about 90%, and less and less until you get to something like a banana that is about 40-50% genetically identical, because the first cell is over 4/5 of both of our evolution, so we share a few billion years of common ancestry with every other organism on earth.. Radiometric dating proves nothing about any form of evolution since it is itself unreliable in the sense that it is based on three unprovable assumptions, and has also been found to be unreliable in the field in various circumstances. Plastic is made up of a polymer that is composed of a long chain of smaller molecules known as monomers.Some plastics, such as polystyrene, are composed of monomers that contain only carbon and hydrogen.Other kinds of plastics are "functionalized" with a wide variety of other kinds of atoms either present in the original monomer, or added later after polymerization.petrochemicals Today most plastics are made from petrochemicals (crude oil and natural gas), although they can also be produced from corn and other biomasses.

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