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My name is Ron, I'm twenty-six years old and my wife, Sue, is the same age . I talked with her girlfriend, Mary, who was chatty and friendly. I asked Mary about Sue, and found out that Sue's dad had recently passed away and she was depressed and sad. Mary gave me Sue's phone number and suggested I call her. She was very pleasant on the phone and agreed to meet me out for a drink. I could tell she had nice tits to go with her cute face and athletic body.

They gather there to watch the topless women walk by.

They take photos and videos like a bunch of perverts who've never seen tits before. I wanted to warn you in case you want to turn back."Sue smiled and said, "I'm game.

Sue saw me watching our topless neighbor and said, "She's got nice tits.

Are you enjoying yourself, you pervert."I laughed and responded, "I sure am enjoying the view. You've got nicer, and bigger tits."Sue looked at me and hesitantly untied her bikini top, letting her big tits flop out.

Looks like both you and Becky are exhibitionists at heart. I've actually posted some nude photos on the Orient Beach web site. I was hesitant going into a bar with Sue topless, but she didn't hesitate as we walked to the bar and sat down.

It's pretty exciting to know that guys all over the world are beating off as they look at Becky's naked body on the internet. No one has ever said anything, but then again, they wouldn't want to admit they cruise the internet looking for naked beach photos."I was speechless. Becky and Sue were the only topless women at the bar. He turned, with a shit-eating grin on his face, and shook Sue's hand as he introduced himself as Brad.Sue wore a nice bikini with her tits and cleavage a main focal point.Her bikini top was as modest as could be, but with big tits, there is only so much she can cover. It didn't take long for a young couple to sit near by.Sue just laughed, and said, "Now that's very naughty, but sounds like fun. All the guys smiled as they looked at Sue's big tits. There were other open seats, but I knew full well why he chose the seat he did. She turned her body to introduce herself and deliberately rubbed her tits across his muscular arm. He smiled, and as he stared at Sue's tits, said, "Nice to meet you and see you at the bar."Sue flirted with Brad as she laughed and giggled.What do you think, Dan, should we post some topless photos, or naked photos, of me on the web site? Even though there were lots of topless women at the beach, there was something erotic about the girls being topless in the bar. Her nipples were rock hard, which indicated to me she was horny and turned on. She was completely comfortable being topless and sexy as she chatted with a complete stranger. I was glad I was sitting down so no one could notice my erection.She had to go to the police on two occasions to have the police warn the stalkers to leave her alone. I unbuttoned her blouse and felt her big tits that were bulging out of her lacy bra. The guys were devastated they wouldn't get to fondle her tits anymore, and that's when the stalking would begin. I knew through research that Orient Beach was a topless beach with a nude resort on the far end of the beach. A white top would also let the guys see your nipples."Sue looked surprised when she responded, "You want other guys to see my tits and nipples? He stared at Sue's tits with a shit-eating grin on his face.

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