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Once you find free videos online, use Real Player to download them to your computer and watch them any time.Simply hover over the top right corner of the video as it’s playing and click on the Download This Video option.

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You Tube started by offering a simple way for individuals to upload their own homemade videos so anyone in the world can watch for free.

The value of some of that content is sometimes questionable, but that’s the freedom the Internet offers, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

As a caution, you should also understand that some video content might not have all the legal rights and clearances required.

This is especially important if your intent is to both watch and download.

The subject matter you’re looking for obviously has a bearing on the kind of website to search for.

Luckily most of the top free video websites carry a wide range of topics, broken into categories that make is easy for you to find what you want.Of course a good many of those leads point to a particular website. When the subject is watching free videos online, they simply can’t be avoided.It’s difficult to report up to the minute usage statistics, but without a doubt they are the largest online video website by a factor of three.You Tube has since grown to the point of developing its own channels for original productions, and has partnerships with several major Hollywood studios to provide streaming movies.Whether these will be free or some pay per view or subscription plan remains to be seen.Downloading is a different matter, and each has policies or technical barriers about that.

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