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“It sounds ridiculous, but (until that moment) I had almost convinced myself she was starting to see what I saw,” Sudia says.“Really, she was just going through the motions.”Now the 33-year-old from Colonia, who does research for a pharmaceutical company, is looking for someone more compatible.Jason Sudia remembers the exact moment years ago he knew it wouldn’t work out with the carnivorous girlfriend he was dating.

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This secluded dining area is also the perfect venue for your private party or event.

During the summer months, guests are invited to dine al fresco in Paisano's charming outdoor patio and garden. Menya Sandaime is a Ramen style restaurant located in the Fort Lee section of Bergen County New Jersey and many residents enjoy their unique menu complete with traditional Japanese dishes.

He’s convinced he’ll find her on Veggiedate.org, an online dating service for vegetarians and vegans that attracts hundreds of paying members statewide.

Sudia met both his former wife and his current girlfriend on the site, created and run by a web developer based in Highland Park.

His pool of clients has grown steadily, exhibiting similarities that extend beyond diet. “Religious websites work because of the no-compromise factor for a lot of people. It’s the sort of domestic fairy tale envisioned in most Veggiedate ads.

Most are in their 30s or 40s, politically liberal and spiritual. They shop at health food stores, work at non-corporate jobs and volunteer. It really helps that you have the same perspective on how to live your life.”Sudia’s first date with current girlfriend Kathy Donovan, a 30-year-old teacher from Morris Plains whom he met on Veggiedate, was at a vegetarian restaurant in New York City. Like the one posted by “Candlemiss,” a 41-yearold vegan blonde from Mount Laurel.

It also attracts international users, especially from the Philippines, where more than 2,000 subscribers don’t eat meat because they are Seventh-day Adventists.

At a cost of a month for three months, or for a year, it’s cheaper than other online dating services.

This restaurant is home to the taste noodle dish and a wide variety of flavor combinations you would never think to explore.

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