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The most important step in treating veteran alcohol misuse and addiction is prevention.Ensuring that service members have the resources they need to securely transition into civilian life is key.However, opioids have the potential to contribute to veteran drug abuse, as these powerful pills are potentially addictive.

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The sudden influx of decisions and stressors, coupled with the potential for unemployment and loss of identity, can lead some to use substances to cope.

had misused alcohol, while a separate survey indicated that 53 percent admitted to binge drinking.

For many of them, these plaguing thoughts have the power to wreak havoc on their lives and those of their loved ones.

In many cases, veterans turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of various mental disorders associated with these thoughts, especially PTSD. Are you a veteran struggling with a substance misuse or co-occurring disorder (PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.)?

For many, pain management and treatment involves , powerful painkillers only available with a prescription.

When taken as directed, these medications can be effective in treating a variety of ailments, including back pain, surgery recovery and other injuries.

The Recovery Village has several locations throughout the United States and is dedicated to helping patients of all backgrounds overcome substance use disorder and any Chronic pain is an issue that many Americans struggle with.

In fact, about 30 percent of Americans suffer from some form of long-term pain.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a concern for the entire country, especially among the veteran population.

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