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The family lived in Binondo, Manila until December 1970, when Johnny Co Lim died, and Luy returned with her children to her hometown of Maluso, Basilan.

Napoles, who was six at the time, studied at the Maluso Central Elementary School, and completed her secondary education at the local Claretian school.

This will boost your presence amongst the gaming community and help you to develop a dedicated following.3.

You don’t boost your social proof in a right way Social proof is always something that we all should focus on if we want to gain more views on our channels.

The number of views is the strongest factor contributing to... A question since You Tube tightened its monitoring technology back in late 2014, and again in late 2015 - Is it safe to buy You Tube views now in 2017? It's a tough question, "How many You Tube views should I buy" is asked by many of our customers. Whatever the case may be, the reality is paid You Tube views are here to stay, so let's discuss the pros and cons of buying You Tube...

The answer is YES and NO, depending where you shop. Everyone wants their video seen by as many people as possible, but you don't want to go too far ... Read more Why buy You Tube views in the first place? Read more Just watching the views crawl steadily upward, and the best part is that they are REAL and they are climbing NATURALLY. You are truly an Epic service, worthy of all the glory and victory of all ages, henceforth and forever!

If you’re lucky, your friends might give your video a few hundred views. What if you want to build a solid fan base for your video content?

You have to deliver your online videos to the right audience.

In-stream ads or pre-rolls are typically intrusive and interrupt a viewer’s experience. A viewer must choose an ad to watch before they can get to their desired content.

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