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And I agree with Fritz that the top mark should be awarded only on the rarest of occasions.

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To their credit, most of the producers say go ahead and write the honest review, although a few have gotten mad at me afterward and one even threatened me via e-mail and then on the forum. If I had been the one to review it, I might have awarded an A to South of the Border 4: Atrocities.

@Ralphus @Pedro Ralphus you are right, I'm one of the members that simply love Mood Pictures, unfortunately my English is not enough good to write reviews or long posts, or to turn in English all my thoughts in the proper way, but as a fan of old school punishment and whipping I have to say that there's nothing better than Mood Pictures when we are talking about whipping. PICTURES OF THE DAY Talking about the pictures of the day, I'm very happy Ralphus chose the Kathryne - I really enjoyed your artwork this past week! ********** Looks like theres a clip over at Nicheclips that may tide A Canadian over until Bug Week rolls around. I know math was never your strong suit, but you are making this all too easy.

----------------------------- As far as giving movies a grade of A , I would give a LOT of movies I've seen that grade...

that is able to sustain that level of excellence from beginning to end.

----------------------------- Pedro wrote: It's good to know that most of the reviews published here about our movies are written by the only one guy here at this forum who actually likes us. Thomas Chaser is a helluva writer, and you should be glad he's written several positive reviews of your work, but I know a lot of people have favorably discussed Mood Pictures here over the years.

Just do a search of the Guestbook Archives and you'll see several past discussions.Up until recently, I hadn't seen that many of your offerings, but I'm a recent convert.So there's at least two, and very likely many more., she emerged with nary a bruise, looking as beautiful as ever.Not realistic, but seemingly everybody prefers women to stay pretty in our fantasies, no matter what kind of nasty treatment she's receiving.This forum (and the Internet in general) is a lot like talk radio in that 99% tune in and say nothing, and maybe 1% actually contribute.

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