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It has nothing to do with intelligence or your worth.You have a right to feel safe with the partner of your choice.It can be hard to imagine why any person would allow a partner to hurt them and frighten them, while remaining in the relationship.

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The abused partner feels there isn’t any room for who they are.

There is no mutual sharing of emotions, wishes and needs.

The abused partner may feel they have to go to extremes to escape.

We do not need to stand idly by while others suffer abuse.

This illuminating feature explores the connection between domestic violence and chronic illness, drawing on recent scientific research and interviews with medical experts and survivors of violence.

Judges called it “a tremendous story on a new concept” and praised Jetter for “clearly articulating the biological ramifications of trauma.” Originally published in More Magazine in November, 2013.

An alarming 44 percent of women say they have experienced abusive behavior from a partner.

Years after the bruises from domestic violence fade, the physical effects can linger in the form of serious health problems—migraines, arthritis, even gastrointestinal disease.

The residual headaches from the head injuries disappeared, although she still remembers the sound of her skull hitting the kitchen walls and floor.

“It sounds like when you knock on a cantaloupe to see if it’s ripe,” Sarah, now 47, says with a sad laugh.

Know that healing in relationships is possible for survivors of abuse and violence. They communicate openly about what they think and feel.

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