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If you want to have a field on the form that the user can select without going through any validation, you can set the Causes Validation property to False for that field.For example, if you have a Help or Cancel button, you want to allow the user to select the button without having the current field validated.This is one of the reasons that they came up with the Validation event in VB5.

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But if I just load the WPF application and tab off the textbox without writing and erasing anything from the textbox, then it is not fired.

Here is the class: Unfortunately this is by design.

So set the Causes Validation property for the Help or Cancel button to False.

When the user leaves a field and clicks the Help button, the user will be able to view the help without first validating the field. You can set this parameter to True if you want to keep focus on the field that is in error.

If an error occurs during validation, you can set the field’s Forecolor property to red and modify the Tool Tip Text property to display the specific error message for that field.

That tells the user something is wrong without interrupting the data entry flow.

In each one, put this code in the Lost Focus event: Except put Text2 in Text2's Lost Focus event.

Run the program, don't put anything in the text box. The reason that you're getting the error is because every time you do a Set Focus, you fire the other box's Lost Focus event!

I am trying to validate the WPF form against an object.

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