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NET features for building N-Tier enterprise class Web applications.

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NET Framework 2.0, how will your Typed Data Set projects fare in the upgrade process?

Bob Beauchemin's Blog I've heard rumblings on various newsgroups that our book A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers is getting a little long in the tooth in some topics.

Douglas Reilly Kent Tegels is the man behind the Enjoy Every Sandwich blog on the Sql web site.

He is also an instructor for Develop Mentor, teaching courses on . NET, in which he uses his background as an instructor to provide explanations for programming data-driven web sites.

Data Works Web Log Weve been seeing several comments on email and blogs lately about changes in the APIs between CTP (Community Tech Preview) releases.

I understand the frustration that these changes could cause, so I wanted to jump in and comment on the topic Novick Software SQL Server 2005 (code name Yukon) opens up the opportunity to run .

NET 2.0 beta2 was released I've received a few inquiries about what happened to tracing SNAC (that's SQL Native Client).

Looking at the file, the SQLNCLI.1 entry (that's SNAC) was removed.

Steve Jones After the announcement last week by Microsoft that there would be no Beta 3 for SQL Server 2005 and that the CTP process would take over, Steve Jones had the opportunity to interview Thomas Rizzo and Allan Ros from the SQL Server development team about the CTP process and testing the SQL Server builds SQLServer had the opportunity to talk to Microsoft and get a few questions about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2005 answered.

We spoke with Tom Rizzo, Director, SQL Server and Alan Ros, Testing Manager for SQL Server Bob Beauchemin's Blog Since .

Part-2 will focus on the business logic layer object, ASP.

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