Validating uk phone numbers

The number of places with five digit subscriber numbers and an 01xxx area code has declined rapidly in recent decades.There were 511 ranges allocated across 56 different area codes in January 1998.

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For this purpose Ofcom established a telephone numbering plan, known as the National Telephone Numbering Plan, which is the system for assigning telephone numbers to subscriber stations.

Since 28 April 2001, almost all geographic numbers and most non-geographic numbers have 9 or 10 national (significant) numbers after the "0" trunk code.

This "sniff test" can identify the status of a line without actually dialling the number.

We guarantee that there will be no silent or abandoned calls.

These area codes were changed by adding a "1" directly after the initial zero as a part of Ph ONEday in 1995.

Just short of 581 areas use this format, and the area codes range from 01200 to 01998.

This leads to a restriction as to which initial digits can be used for subscriber numbers within those four-digit area codes, e.g.

in the 01387 four-digit area code, subscriber numbers cannot begin with a 3 because 013873 is a separate five-digit area code; likewise in the 01946 four-digit area code, subscriber numbers cannot begin with a 7 because 019467 is a separate five-digit area code.

For example, the average turnaround time is currently around 1-3 hours for a file of 10,000 numbers. If your business relies on telephone based sales then you’ll know the value of connectivity.

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