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"Plus, the app graphics are key, so having a graphic designer is important, as well—not to mention music or sound cues.Overall, it's highly technical and highly creative.

Validating stuff with iphone 4

With i OS we are able to test all functions on a single device, make sure we have things right, and then move on to Android devices, which is what we're doing now," he says.

Tanaka says turning to i OS is a smart move for new app developers.

ksantos: (I wasn't sure if what I am asking for exists) :) Samara: For battery maximization, that app does not refresh real time. Samara: I will make sure to get that sent on my side, as the more the better.

I am more than happy to help get to a resolution today. where can i leave feedback to request push on the news app? Samara: Thanks so much for allowing me to assist you today! When you are ready, you can close the chat window by clicking the x in the corner.

To create your app, you'll spend time creating a workflow, then the graphics, then the user interface.

You must go through many iterations to make it simpler and simpler.

Even designing icons takes a lot of effort, but it's time well spent."If you're thinking about making your first app, here are a few things you should know.

Someone on your team—be it you or your developer—has to be very tech savvy.

I think Apple has a problem here - would appreciate some help/ Does Apple monitor "Apple Support Communities"? i Pod touch 4g will not verify email address on either of two was said to have been sent, but perhaps it didn't get off the was never received from either account or account.***!?

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