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Yes Put the following Javascript in your function function Validate Form(form) Hi, Your code seems works for checkedlistbox. Still search for radiobutton's validation For all those replied my questions, i really appreciated all your replies.

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Here we are taking an example of Radio Button List that have multiple option to select a favourite language.

In my previous tutorials, I’d explained how to validate radiobuttonlist using jquery, validate checkboxlist using javascript, validate dropdownlist using javascript and other more cracking tutorials on Radio Button List, here.

Of course, our implementation is a bit weak - it's client-side support is nil and no code has been added to assist in displaying the Web control in toolbox in VS. Regardless, we have a useful, compiled control that took only a small handful of lines of code.

(Note that this custom control can also perform validation for other List Box controls: Drop Down Lists, List Box, Radio Button List, etc.

Per the documentation, for any validator control the "standard controls that can be validated are Text Box, List Box, Drop Down List, Radio Button List, System. NET Web pages that use the control (see the following example for the syntax). NET Web page shows a simple example of using this custom control to validate a Check Box List - a task that was impossible using the built-in Required Field Validator. ] Conclusion In this tip we looked at how to create a very simple required field validator validation Web control that could handle Check Box Lists.

This has the effect of turning off the client-side behaviors of the validation controls.

As you can see there are 5 radio buttons and the validation would be to select at least one option.

For demo, I will validate the radiobuttonlist on click of button.

Hence, our new Required Field Validator For Check Box Lists Web control will extend the class! NET, you will find this task a whole lot easier than if you don't have it, but VS. Since we are interested that at least one item has been selected, we simply return if the to false.

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