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Multiplexity - number of `multiplex' links, which users have.

For example, two users, which are friends and work together, will have multiplexity equal 2. Mutuality/Reciprocity - a degree, in which users interact with each other, response to each other. Network Closure - a degree, in which user's friend are friends to each other. Propinquity - a tendency of users to have more links with other users, which are geographically closer. Links metrics represent the features of links for separate social objects and the whole social graph. Bridge - A user, who provides the only connection between the two other users.

In Tools Selection the tools, considered by the author for the thesis's goal achievement, are introduced, with justification of the choise.

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In 2006 Jack Dorsey launched Twitter [14], which became a fast-growing social networking service.

Finally, history comes to the creation of two major Russian social networking services - Vkontakte [15] and Odnoklassniki [16] in 2006.

Task Completion Proof shows the completion of tasks defined in the section Task Defintion with references to the sections presented in this thesis.

Finally, Conclusion section summarizes the work undertaken, notes the areas of application, and reveals limitations and possible future development of the application.

An overview existing methods and ways of links analysis A research possible scientific value of work based on current state of business in this area A development of general algorithms Software tools selection Algorithm's implementation using existing tools Solution testing and practical applicability demonstration a Small World - private social network with invitation required Facebook - world famous social network developed by Mark Zuckerberg and team.

Piczo - a social networking and blogging website for teen Dogster - a social network service for dog-lovers.

The following Practical Results Description introduces the final form of application with its functionality demonstration.

Then, Practical Results Analysis section describes the quantitative characteristics of application (processing time etc.), the qualitative analysis (manual comparison with the actual data of users in Vkontakte etc.) and limitations of developed application.

Users may create groups of interests and events, make posts and send instant messages. Metrics of Relations represent the pattern of relationships between one social object and others. Homofphily - a degree, in which user forms a relationship with similar users.

Similarity may be defined through gender, age, social status, educational level etc.[19] b.

Has a cat-oriented sibling called Catster Mixi - Japanese social networking site base on communities and common interests Multiply - file sharing social network with the ability to upload media (photo, video, music), recipes, calendar and blogging Dodgeball - location-based social networking service.

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