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A large number of devices are supported, fortunately including an Android 2.3.7 version for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

updating xperia x10-10

restart my phone xrecovery menus can not come why, please help What can I do ? After putting it back in, wait a while to make sure the phone doesn't turn itself back on automatically. Hi Vincent,had this problem as well with some custom rom (can't remember which), but I did not really try to solve it, instead just installed another rom and that worked.

After update sony ericsson x10 mini to gingerbread 2.3.7,then anroid logo comes in flashing lights. You might have to give it a minute after taking the battery out or try a few times. i tried it for more than twenty times but its not working . A guess: Maybe the layout of the keyboard changed in the software so that it does not correspond to the physical keyboard? if you have a German phone and the layout changes to English - the Y and Z keys will then be swapped.

You need to use a firmware compatible with the device. I ended up using this one, which has a Android 4-like look (still 2.3.7 though) and it has worked really well for me so far. In general, the user interface has a nice feel to it and I'm quite happy.

Download the Zip-file, rename to "" and copy to the root folder of the phone's SD card. While booting, press the back button repeatedly when the white "Sony Ericsson" text is showing. :) Hi power ranger, let me put it this way: If you feel worried about doing this, don't do it! The main reason I did this was because my phone felt old.

Downloaded x Recovery installer from "Google Play", ran it, get the same look as on the guide you linked to. I am from Denmark, but will write in English for the sake of the wide world. probably because the file Service is not installed with this ROM...

However when I click to install, only thing that happens is that the three little icons turn into crossed red rings. Thanks Hi Pelle, I did not point this out in my guide, but the Addictive Tips page I link to states that Busy Box need to be preinstalled. Check out this thread: will update this article to point that out. Pelle says that when installing x Recovery he gets just red rings. I have problems with my internal speaker and I have to go on this secret menu to try fixing it.

For example, you have application shortcuts in each corner of the screen, and each widget uses up a whole page.

This will change after the update, unless you find a firmware (or possibly market app) with these special customizations. I recommend checking the links above to get a better understanding of the procedure before continuing.

If you have any problems downloading or installing, just post back here, including any error messages. Confirm that all data will be deleted and that you're OK with that 5. Hello erik please help me this problem continue for more then one day after update 4.0 "sony ericsson" white text logo freeze in one day and many more time switch off my mobile but automatically restart mobile and then freeze it how can i solve this problem? pls help me Hi Stoneman, this article is about upgrading to 2.3 Gingerbread, not 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Try flashing with the original firmware to set things right again:

After update gingerbread 2.3.7, but I did all I see an animation of andoid logo like in clouds and flashes,freeze my screen. How much should i wait for that logo screen to boot up my phone please help Hi Deepan, that doesn't sound good at all! If all else fails, you could try to restore the original firmware. v=z S2LIuy6Yf Y I can confirm that this works; I just did it five minutes ago. (Not in the video) I was asked to switch off the phone, and connect it to the PC while holding the back button. v=z S2LIuy6Yf Y However, if you are using another device than the X10 Mini Pro and the ICS firmware is official, contact Sony support instead. Hi again Stoneman, if the phone is frozen and cannot be switched off using the power button, just take out the battery. Hi sargam, PC Companion cannot be used upgrade the device to 2.3. To check the currently installed version, use the phone and go to Settings and select About Phone (refer to screenshot above).

The phone will be wiped completely so a backup of everything which is not on the SD card is in order.

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