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We have several Polycom 301s in the office along with 501s, 601s and Sound Station 4001s.

Trix Box allows an individual or organization to setup a telephone system with traditional telephone networks as well as Internet based telephony or Vo IP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Sugar CRM can be integrated with Asterisk, and is bundled with Trixbox offering real power and flexibility.

After several weeks of having phones slowly dying off one we hired a consulting firm who determined that the firewall configuration was not allowing port 5060 UDP on the LAN.

Port 5060 is default port used by the Vo IP’s SIP protocol and therefore it was preventing some phones from connecting to the server.

For some reasons, the phones that were working already passed through the firewall and therefore were able to connect to the Trixbox application.

They added a rule to allow port 5060 UDP but only on eth0 (which is the LAN interface).This can be used as a quick reference to the terms when reading the book or configuring the Trix Box system Barrie Dempster is currently employed as a Senior Security Consultant for NGS Software Ltd a world-renowned security consultancy well known for their focus in enterprise-level application vulnerability research and database security.He has a background in Infrastructure and Information Security in a number of specialised environments such as financial services institutions, telecommunications companies, call centres, and other organisations across multiple continents.Try to enable verbose (set verbose 3) and search for sip errors for those peers on Asterisk´s side.Does the Asterisk box even receive SIP messages from these phones?If the phone is able to get DHCP and TFTP communication, I guess we can rule out networking issues.

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