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The best part is that he always answers the phone personally and does the work himself. They buried my power lines 72ft distance from pole to house. Our writers are experienced journalists who adhere to our strict editorial ethics policy. Dr came in the room and spent less than 10 minutes and stated I had sinus infection...

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The arc fault breakers are expensive about 45$ our cost and required in all circuits except garage and bathrooms. They were very thorough, having the electric co turn off/on the electricity with an inspection. I bought a new house that was for closure I had gotten all my permits but didn't had an electrician I called ARS they came out and looked at the house they said I needed a new panel since it was going to be inspected by the city so the guy said it would be from the lowest $3200-$4300 I wanted to be sure of this so I decided to get acouple more quotes and a few more opinions so I called John Moore and they said a few different things but sounded a little less fishy but quote was still a bit high then I caught a break when a friend recommended Cima Wërks at first it was a bit fishy cause I google them and nothing came up but he showed me his licenses and all and showed me step by step what need to be done and what he would do to up grade the service and pull the permits in less than 2 days he finish the jobs he updated the panel ran some wire to my water line he said it was for ground that the city requires due to some codes and put the new panel new breakers and it was done After searching websites such as Craigslist Long Island & Angies List we spoke to a few of our neighbors at a local event who had all used the same company thru word of mouth.

So a good price ball park is 2300-2800$ depending plus I he permit . Daly Brothers upgraded our panel with permit for $1800.00.

He was professional, on time, neat, and even did some other work that was not originally quoted. suppose to show up again on Thursday 12/18/14, no show we had to track him down. Friday we even had respirator mask (we should'nt have to do that),he was a no show again.

I referred him to a friend that needed electrical work done and she's very satisfied as well. He finally called 2pm, he said he didn't have any one to hold the ladder.

We were pleased with Knight Environmental consulting who we hired. [more]extraction Paid: 739.00Had 3 extractions yesterday. The cost was 304.00 each extraction but with some kind of insurance plan you could get 30% off.

The plan was 75.00 annually and came at a huge savings on the work as my final cost with the plan was 814...They charged $.35 more per gallon then from 5 weeks ago. [more]Laceration from stick Paid: 25.00Slipped and fell on a stick while running around on a hill, and recieved 2 lacerations on my right leg, one about an inch long and one about 2 inches long.Called my insurance asap (Kaiser) and they directed me to one of their Urgent Cares...My existing panel was way to small and my outside service cable was cracked and dry rotted. Took out a burned out 125amp and replaced with a 200 amp in 1 1/2 days INCLUDING ALL STUCCO REPAIR MATCHING WORK!! He is fair, affordable and walks you thru the process prior to beginning.I am a realtor and I have recommended and used him on numerous service upgrades and panel changes. Excel energy changed per foot to dig a trench to bury my overhead lines, then there is a 0.00 minimum fee to come out and connect (all happens on same day). He will be doing more work for me in the near future. Cost Helper is based in Silicon Valley and provides consumers with unbiased price information about thousands of goods and services. We want to upgrade our electrical service from 100 amps to 200 amps.

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