Updating t mobile g1

So I pulled out the starter and had it tested, and it was bad.

updating t mobile g1-83

the author compared the BFS to the CFS using the Linux kernel v3.6.2 and several performance-based endpoints.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) in the vanilla Linux kernel and the BFS in the corresponding kernel patched with the ck1 patchset.

it wants to start just wont fire, i have took the car to the shop and they cant find anything wrong with the car, she didnt miss a beat the four days it was there, so brought it home and been doing fine for 2weeks and tonight i went to go home and it would not start haaaa please somebody help Sorry I Can't be more helpful, but since they diagnosed the problem as sooting up and the gas analyser then drove it for 20 miles, reset the systemand updated the software, I've not had a repeat of the problem and that's over a year now, so "touch wood" it's cured.

Eddie_G1 -- I have a Chrysler 300M and it has developed the same start fine in the mornings but after engine warms up and shuts up, it won't fire.

would not help us at all in reguards to why the engine wont start please could any one give us advice please thank you I have a 2007 300 Touring.

It has had a problem starting for a month or more, turning over, but not starting.

Seven different machines were used to see if differences exist and, to what degree they scale using performance based metrics. These end-points were never factors in the primary design goals of the BFS. Kernels patched with the ck1 patch set including the BFS outperformed the vanilla kernel using the CFS at nearly all the performance-based benchmarks tested.

Further study with a larger test set could be conducted, but based on the small test set of 7 PCs evaluated, these increases in process queuing, efficiency/speed are, on the whole, independent of CPU type (mono, dual, quad, hyperthreaded, etc.), CPU architecture (32-bit and 64-bit) and of CPU multiplicity (mono or dual socket).

They were not any more specific about the gas analyser fault and the software they updated I took to mean the engine control system.

Hope this is of some help, but your problem sounds different from mine, since mine just wouldn't start at all - nothing to do with warming up first. My 07 300 would not turn over once the key was engaged to start, it would only start at night or early mornings ( cooler weather).

The objective of BFS, compared to other schedulers, is to provide a scheduler with a simpler algorithm, that does not require adjustment of heuristics or tuning parameters to tailor performance to a specific type of computation workload.

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