Adult voice cam chat - Updating swing components from an arbitrary thread

Threads that work in the background to support the runtime environment are called .

For example, the clock handler thread, the idle thread, the screen updater thread and the garbage collector thread are all daemon threads.

updating swing components from an arbitrary thread-90

Your code will work most of time and then unexpectedly freeze during the big demo.

You have to write the code using pure logic and paranoia, not just trying things and testing.

Someday I will wade through the specs to find out how these keywords are supposed to work.

I presume when you enter a synchronized block the compiler freshly loads all values it needs and when you exit it makes sure all are stored so that other CPUs ( data is very difficult to get solidly right.

This post is an effort to help those readers and several other programmers to understand Swing and thread-safety in a bit more detailed way.

To keep it simple, let's revise what does it mean by being thread-safe?

Also monitor some known well-behaved apps so you get an idea the sort of behaviour you should find.

You will be surprised just how many threads are in there.

Treat it with just as much caution as you would unprotected volatile variables in a multi-threaded C or assembly language program.

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