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[email protected] meant for communicating with Proton Mail security contributors so we ask that you use [email protected] other inquiries. Regarding TLS 1.2, we will update to support this once we get our new servers.

While these certificates are typically more expensive, they allow you to serve requests for all subdomains of Once you have the SSL certificate file and private key you are ready to configure SSL Endpoint for your app.

SSL configuration on Heroku depends slightly on where you are deploying your application.

Before requesting an SSL cert, you need to generate a private key in your local environment using the private key file in your current working directory.

A CSR is a certificate signing request and is also required when purchasing an SSL cert.

But when I hit my website, I still get a certificate warning showing the old, self signed certificate.

I am sort of losing my mind as to how this is even possible.

In the past week, we have doubled our server capacity and are now taking people off the waiting list daily.

The new certificate appears correctly under current SSL cert details and I have copied it to Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot, and Postfix successful (and they are using this cert, all is well there).

Using the private key from the previous step, generate the CSR.

This will require you to enter identifying information about your organization and domain.

Virtualmin: 3.83GPL Fresh install of Cent OS 5.5 (used script) The domain is my primary domain Thanks!

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