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The victims include Britain’s National Health Service, logistics giant Fed Ex, Spanish telecom powerhouse Telefonica and even the Russian Interior Ministry.The security flaw that allowed the attack to occur was fixed by Microsoft in March.The most common recommendation is to update everything immediately. A 2015 survey by Google found that more than one-third of security professionals don’t keep their systems current.

It can also be very hard to tell whether a new update is truly necessary.

The software that fixed the Wanna Cry vulnerability came out in a regular second-Tuesday update, which may have made it seem more routine.

All people had to do to stay safe from Wanna Cry was update their software.

But people often don’t, for a number of specific reasons.

For example, the Windows update needed to protect against the Wanna Cry attack requires the computer to restart.

Users won’t tolerate their computers shutting down and restarting with no warning.

Researchers highlighted the response of one participant who noted that Windows updates are available frequently—always the second Tuesday of every month, and occasionally in between those regular changes. But even short updates can interrupt people’s regular workflow, so that study participant—and doubtless many others—avoids installing updates for “as long as possible.” Some people may also be concerned that updating software could cause problems with programs they rely on regularly.

This is a particular concern for companies with large numbers of computers running specialized software.

Experts might be quicker at updating because they understand better the potential vulnerabilities updates might fix.

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