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Lexus and see if there is some common ground on which we can build.The statistics below relate solely to Lexus website and exclude the companion We now have over 1,000 registered Lexus-owning visitors, more than 50% of whom say they would not have purchased a Lexus if they had been aware of the limitations of the Lexus Navigation system before they purchased their vehicles.

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For new and long-standing Lexus customers, our angst comes from the dealer and the Corporate levels. First I purchased a hardware override that required installation (not too hard if you are handy) but that did not work on the ES350 - the kits are from Japan and there is no ES vehicle there.

Within Lexus/Toyota the loss of customer focus is widespread. More recently, I can verify that the "Override DVD" that includes the new map data and the old 5.1 software DOES WORK using the old override sequence (here).

Like me, many of these owners would like to support Lexus- it is in part a validation that we made good economic decisions ourselves. John Xxxxx, Esq ) "The Pepsi Co Americas Beverages division of Pepsi Co is bowing to public demand and scrapping the changes made to a flagship product, Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice.

Lexus could certainly use the additional sales associated with recouping the goodwill of thousands of owners who could again recommend Lexus and Toyota vehicles to new car buyers. Redesigned packaging that was introduced in early January is being discontinued, executives plan to announce on Monday, and the previous version will be brought back in the next month.

I anticipate that one day we will achieve our 15 minutes of fame and our servers are ready.

I cannot say if that will occur before our complaints are taken up by consumer organizations or class action attorneys. However, the navigation and Bluetooth limitations are significant and at least as important is my perception that Lexus just doesn’t care about us and our complaints.These folks are your worst enemy- they steer friends and family to your competitors which is particularly damaging in this tough economic environment.We have passed the 75,000 visitors mark simply from individual searches. We've now had 4,000 registered Lexus owners and more than 290,000 visitors with 100's of visitors every week. To date nearly 4,000 Lexus owners (see their comments) have registered their dissatisfaction with us.Lexus will not allow navigation or phone use while the car is in motion and has gone so far as to disrupt aftermarket overrides when customers purchase software updates. These customers, who represent well over 0 Million worth of vehicles, are not satisfied.At Lexus, legal covering one's derrier still trumps customer satisfaction. Many will not buy another Lexus and nearly all would not pay for such a poor Nav system.

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