Updating jre

you should first of all look at the correct syntax here or doing some other web search. This being said, even if I'm not super familiar with Ubuntu 10.10, the following instruction should do the job: Installing Java 7 in Ubuntu. I think "upgrading Xyz" is not a programming question but an administration question.

Especially the Ubuntu companion site https://askubuntu.com/ is a better place for this question.

updating jre-75

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The SQL Anywhere administration tools, including Interactive SQL, Sybase Central, Mobi Link Monitor, and DBConsole, use the JRE.

In addition, Mobi Link and the database server use the JRE for the Java external environment.

I tried this on a test system, and seemed to work fine.

Just want to verify that I'm doing this correctly, and not missing anything.

I have just recently installed Cent OS on my little server box.

I am in the process of transferring my servers from Windows Server to Linux/Cent OS, and I'm running into a small problem.

Security improvements made to the JRE that do not affect the functionality of SQL Anywhere are not provided.

Although updating the JRE should not affect the functionality of SQL Anywhere, the update might cause unexpected results.

button to point to the root of your JDK installation?

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