playfire not updating psn - Updating is not supported by data source

As Plato suggested, please handle the Row Updating, Row Inserting, and Row Deleting events.

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The information in this article applies to Excel Services in Share Point Server 2013 (on premises) only.

For information about Office 365 (in the cloud), see Use external data in workbooks in Share Point Online.

As an alternative to working with external data, you can use native data in Excel.

Native data is stored directly in the workbook, and does not require an external data connection to be retained, even if an external connection was used to import data into a workbook.

My preference is to manually intercept the Inserted, Updated and Deleted calls without specifying Ob Ject Datasource.

What options do I have with the ASPx Grid control to NOT specify a datasourceid?Read this article to get an overview of what’s supported in Excel Services when you publish a workbook to a Share Point library.External data is data that is stored someplace else, such as on a server.You might be wondering how to tell if you are using Excel Services or Excel Web App when you view a workbook in a browser window.One way to do this is to examine the website address (URL) for the workbook.To update native data, you can manually type updates or reimport data into Excel.

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