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I guess that it is probably guarded by MMU, but I do not know how to deal with it.

Second, About signature verification using key of RSA.

updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d-45

comparing to 6f2b79a781f9f490911012ec3aa653e9 S3_MD5: 6f2b79a781f9f490911012ec3aa653e9 file already downloaded /home/coolnine98/CHIP-tools/.firmware/images/z Image exists…

comparing to Image MD5: 91614d8d67bd87987ea5bc958e61cfc3 S3_MD5: 91614d8d67bd87987ea5bc958e61cfc3 file already downloaded /home/coolnine98/CHIP-tools/.firmware/images/exists…

” The error message suggests the problem could be the USB cable. At what point in the flashing process (Percent, or stage, such as “waiting for fastboot”) does it stop working?

A common issue is using a USB3 port and not a USB2 port in your computer. [email protected]:~/CHIP-tools$ sudo ./-d -b stable-gui -f waiting for fel…OK debian selected BRANCH = stable-gui fastboot enabled ROOTFS_URL= BUILD=3 BR_URL= BR_BUILD=73 /home/coolnine98/CHIP-tools/.firmware/images/exists…

Hi i build a yocto 2.23.1 with ADAS setup for H3 v2 board and an adas view card (boot with Image-r8a7795-h3ulcb-view.dtb) but i have a crash when i start the surround test: [30.855979] 894ac000:[DISPLAY_WL.

INIT] Wayland display interface initialized [30.856564] 894ac000:[DISPLAY_WL.

INIT] spacenav input added [30.856603] 894ac000:[DISPLAY_WL. INIT] no joystick connected sv-utest: /opt/storage/projects/renesas/public_releases/SV_closed/libsv/src/utils/CV4L2User Control.cpp:68: virtual void CV4L2User Control::internal Set(int): Assertion `-1 ! Aborted (core dumped) same problem with low level test (under /usr/share/tests) [ 401.533829] imr fe890000.imr-lx4: unsupported format request: 'XR24' [ 401.545811] imr fe860000.imr-lx4: unsupported format request: 'XR24' [ 401.557503] imr fe870000.imr-lx4: unsupported format request: 'XR24' [ 401.570159] imr fe880000.imr-lx4: unsupported format request: 'XR24' [ 401.580563] imr fe890000.imr-lx4: unsupported format request: 'XR24' Could you help me?

charles Hi I write information when I checked the usb webcam using Yocto v2.23.0.

I am using same cable for my Samsung S6 to connect to my computer.

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