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It will then show the route from departure port to destination port.Here is an example of a route from Singapore to Mumbai, India.As mentioned earlier it is also important to take weather conditions into account while selecting charts.

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Unlike paper charts which are only purchased once, until a new edition is published or a chart is cancelled, electronic charts are purchased through a license system called “permits”.

Permits are used to control the permission to use a chart. In this article I would like to elaborate procedures to order charts and to keep them updated onboard.

The chart cells for the forthcoming voyage can be activated almost immediately by purchasing the license to activate them, usually by sending an email to the chart provider.

Once the base DVDs are received, charts can be updated in a very short period of time.

We can use the Chartco Passage Manager to get the details of charts for the intended voyage.

This is how the process in Chat Co Passage Manager looks like.

Step 1 – Main menu has the option ‘Routes & Passages’.

Step 2 – Automated routing selecting the departure and arrival ports via intended regions can assist navigating officer as he plans route for the voyage.

The charts can be selected by clicking on the chart area in the map.

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