Updating date field

In one of our earlier posts found here we had explained how the new date/time behaviour can be used to record date/times in the format that you require, instead of having it store the values in UTC all the time.

updating date field-15

If you have users setup for multiple timezones, it might just make sense to make sure that this request is executed for the date fields that have been set to “Date Only” to reflect the correct date that you want.

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You can also fix this manually by using the SET_TIMEZONE function inside of your DATETIME_FORMAT function.

A complete list of Airtable's supported timezone identifiers can be found here.

However, since the change has not been made to the existing records for this field in the database, they are still stored in the original UTC format along with the time.

It appears that the UTC date/time is picked and the time part is being set as AM.

"Experiment #" & & "–" & DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'MM/DD/YYYY') Example (Date and Time, and the SET_TIMEZONE function) You can also use DATETIME_FORMAT to configure the output for timestamps.

"Experiment #" & & "–" & DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'M/DD/YYYY h:mm') Occasionally, you may encounter a problem in which the timestamps in the DATETIME_FORMAT are offset to GMT. The easier way is by checking the "Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators" in the date field's config menu.

Now if a different user with timezone set to US (EST) logs in they would see the same time as “6/29/2015 3. PM”.

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